As the first Executive Director of Jane’s Walk beginning in 2007, Jane ensured this promising community start-up was inclusive and accessible to all.

“In five years, she took Jane’s Walk from a slightly eccentric idea – ‘let’s do free walks in honour of Jane Jacobs!’ – to an international phenomenon with walks taking place in 75 countries. She made sure the walks didn’t just stay some cozy downtown pastime. Instead, she extended them to all parts of the city and all kinds of people, making the walks a means of expression for suburbs, for youth, for immigrants, for queer culture – creating a dialogue between all of the elements of Toronto’s cultural kaleidoscope. What’s more, she connected the community network developed by Jane’s Walk to the academic world in order to dig deep into residents’ walking experience in the suburbs and share the results.”
– Spacing Magazine

Jane’s Walk Accolades 

• Canadian Urban Institute – 2013 City Soul Award
Jane’s Walk was presented with the CUI’s City Soul award for facilitating and promoting volunteer-led walks that help people understand and learn about their neighborhoods, and that foster urban literacy and civic engagement.

• Active Transportation Champion – On behalf of Jane’s Walk, from the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation, 2009

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