Housing is a significant focus of the Dept of Words & Deeds.

Over the past few years, Jane has programmed and facilitated numerous roundtables, panels and WalkShops addressing the pressing concerns of housing affordability, rental stock, making condos more family-friendly and, most recently, co-housing.

For the last two years, the Dept of Words & Deeds has been working closely with the United Church and their congregations to facilitate the leveraging of properties in service of mission renewal.  In this work, we collaborate with the congregation and Edge, United Church’s real estate redevelopment arm, to design a conversation and redevelopment process that serves the community, the congregation’s missional priorities and the redevelopment partners.

“Jane is a moderator extraordinaire. Her energy, clear-eyed feedback and dedication to making public discussions as meaty and inspiring as they can be is much appreciated.”

– Sidewalk Toronto